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Wonka Barz Strain: Hybrid

Updated: Jan 30

In this blog, we will talk about our Live Resin hybrid Diamond Disposable Wonka Barz! If you are unfamiliar with Live Resin, check out our blog explaining Live Resin. Keep reading to learn about Wonka Barz's effects and benefits, and see if you like the strain!

50/50 Hybrid

This disposable is testing at THCA 832.56 mg (83.3%), CBDA 3.21 mg (0.3%), CBGA 2.62 mg (0.3%). They are acidic, but when decarboxylated, they turn into THC, CBD, and CBGA. Wonka Barz is a cross between Garlic Cookies and Mint Chocolates Chip Cookies. Inside the disposable, you can see the THCA diamonds! You can tell where the name Diamond Disposables comes from.

The Wonka Barz Diamond disposable is a hybrid strain, but the flower is a Sativa dominant strain. You can expect to get a more uplifting high when smoking the disposable. It is sometimes elevated in THC and a little CBD. The benefits of Wonka Barz are said to help with appetite loss or nausea, depression, chronic fatigue, and pain. This strain is a good mood enhancer and gives you some energy that could help if you are down and need that extra boost. The most abundant terpenes in this strain are Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. We have Some blogs that talk about those terpenes if you are curious.

Some effects you can get from Wonka Barz are creative, energetic, talkative, and even arousal. With those effects, you can see how it is leaning more toward the sativa side. Small doses being a first-timer or regular is significant because you also feel more relaxed after smoking. Taking higher doses, you will start to feel more down but still be alert to your surroundings. Some other effects you can feel are the giggles and the feeling of being able to be more social.

After smoking the Wonka Barz disposable, I tasted a sweet flavor with an undertone of chocolate, and during my exhale tasted a spicy, earthy taste. The first two hits were not too big, but I started feeling uplifted and chilled out where I got the sativa effects but was more chill. After taking a few more hits, I began to feel a more relaxed high but was able to feel still alert and not slumped. The look of the Live Resin was a very nice light golden color where you can see the THCA diamonds! The smell of the smoke left off a wood-earthy scent. It smelled nice and not so much like other dab pens.

Overall, after smoking Wonka Barz and learning its benefits, it is a great strain to start your day and still focus on what you are doing. The taste was unique, and the high was very mellow. Come by our shop and ask for our Wonka Barz Diamond Disposable, and our excellent budtenders will be more than happy to get you one! You can always order online as well if you are in a hurry! Thanks for reading till the end next time!


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