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Welcome, Spaced Cadets; this blog will be an interesting one! Ever thought of a cannabinoid that is about thirty times more potent than THC? THCP is that cannabinoid. Keep reading to learn more about THCP and its potential benefits.

THCP stands for Tetrahydrocannabiphorol. and has a very similar structure to delta 9 THC. It was first discovered in 2019, so this cannabinoid is still very new. It is found in cannabis and hemp but is less than one percent of the plant. No strains are more dominant in it since it is found in tiny trace amounts. It also can be produced in a laboratory to get higher amounts. It binds thirty-three more times than THC to our CB1 and CB2 receptors, which could have a more potent high.

THCP is a psychoactive cannabinoid believed to have the same effects as THC but may be even more substantial. It could help people with insomnia or Chronic pain. With a similar structure to THC, it can be a mood booster and has anti-inflammatory properties. This cannabinoid is still very new, so there is not much research on the actual effects on humans. Some products have THCP; if you want to try it out, always start low and slow. You could feel distress, anxiety, and paranoia at high doses.

I believe this can be an excellent cannabinoid for people suffering from pain, inflammation, and even insomnia, even though there has not been much study.


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