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Welcome Spaced Cadets we will be talking about the cannabinoid Cannabitriol (CBT). This is a cannabinoid that was discovered back in 1966. Keep reading to learn more about this minor cannabinoid and how It can benefit you!

Cannabitriol is found in low levels why it is in the minor cannabinoid group and a phytocannabinoid. It was first discovered in 1966 but wasn’t isolated till about ten years later in 1976. Since so few people have noticed that Hemp has more CBT than cannabis does. CBT is what helped scientists discover the mother cannabinoid CBG! There are other names for this cannabinoid that are just a little different. Sometimes CBT is referred to as Cannabicitran, but they are referring to another compound.

There is very little research on this cannabinoid even though it was discovered a little over fifty years ago. A recent study back in 2017 showed that CBT helped stop the euphoric effects of THC and is believed to help marijuana abuse in the future with more studies. An older study in 1983 showed CBT to effectively reduce intraocular eye pressure. CBT is said to be a big part of the entourage effect from Hemp and is being looked for in high CBD strains to enhance the effects of CBD. In a positive study in 2011, CBT was isolated from a Chinese substance, Rhododendron, chemically identical to CBT-C (Cannabicitran). The medicine Rhododendron has been used for thousands of years to treat asthma and bronchitis. CBT seems to be an amplifier for other cannabinoids and products that contain CBT.

There is a lot of pain relief potential for this cannabinoid, but very little research on CBT and how it can affect you. Seeing how CBT is being found within these other medicines that have been used for thousands of years or just recently shows how much potential CBT has to maybe replace the medicine that we use now in a more natural way for your body to take.


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