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Tropical Gummies 100 MG

Tropical Gummies 100MG

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be trying our newest Tropical Gummies 100MG. Keep reading and see if you will enjoy these Tropical Gummies.


The flavors in the Tropical Gummies pack are Melon Head, Pineapple, Strawberry, Blue Razz, and Green Apple! There are ten gummies in the pack, with each one being 10. The gummies were very fruity and tasty! 


It is always recommended to start low and slow if you haven’t tried edibles before. You can start with half a gummy if you are new or if you are feeling bold, you can try the whole gummy and go from there! People like to try the edible form of getting high if they cannot smoke. Gummies can also help you if you are having body pains or even going to sleep. 


The two flavors that I enjoyed were the Strawberry and Green Apple. They both had a strong flavor where you couldn’t taste the THC isolate as much. Pineapple was another strong flavor for the pineapple lovers.  Melon Head had a soft flavor with more of an aftertaste of melon but still did not taste much of the isolate. You can never go wrong with the Blue Razz, it had a nice even flavor of the THC isolate and Blue Razz. 


The high I got was a calming body high that was not strong for me. I started with four gummies at first and waited about 30 minutes till I ate the rest. It did not take long for me to start feeling the effects. The first effect I noticed was in my eyes, later traveling down to my body. The high lasted about 4-5 hours for me and did not leave me tired later. I did try this on a day I was at home relaxing.


I enjoyed these gummies overall, from the flavors to the effects. If you are looking for a relaxed high throughout the day Tropical Gummies is a recommendation. Come by Spaced, and our amazing budtenders will gladly help!

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