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Top Strains for Pain Relief and Anxiety

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will discuss the best strains for pain relief and anxiety. When you smoke do you not feel great pain relief or is your anxiety up that day? These strains are known to help with chronic pain and reduce your anxiety levels. Follow along to find the right strains for you. 


There could be a few reasons the strains you smoke are making your anxiety go up or not help alleviate that pain. Are you smoking Indica or Sativa? Sativa strains are known to raise people’s anxiety because of the upper high you get. Indica strains are known to help relax your body and mind. 


There are a few strains that are great for both pain and anxiety. Northern Lights, Ice Cream Cake, and Wedding Cake are all Indica dominant. Northern Lights is a cross between Afghani X Thai. It helps with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Ice Cream Cake is crossed with Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. Ice Cream Cake is known for its strong properties of reducing your anxiety. Wedding Cake is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Wedding Cake helps with chronic pain, depression, and nausea. 


Here is a list of other strains that are popular in helping pain or anxiety. These strains are all indica dominant with different looks, flavors, and highs. Each strain has a unique terpene profile, THC levels, aroma, and effects.  


Strains that help with Pain. 

·      Purple Sunset

·      Blue Dream

·      GMO Cookies, Strawberry Cough

·      Skunk Fast Version

·      Chocolope Fem

·      Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1

·      Apple Betty

·      Euphoria


Strains that help with Anxiety.

·      White Widow

·      Gorilla Glue #4

·      Granddaddy Purple

·      GSC

·      Hindu Kush

·      Apple Fritter

·      Snoop Dogg OG

·      Laughing Gas

·      Hazy Girl

·      Hazy Kush 

·      Fruity Gum 

·      Wedding Cheesecake

·      Dark Rainbow 

·      Strawberry Shortcake 


If you suffer from chronic pain and anxiety and have not tried these strains after research, I recommend trying Ice Cream Cake due to having some Wedding Cake both have strong properties of helping chronic pain and anxiety. Come by Spaced to see if we have any of the strains listed above in store! Our budtenders are knowledgeable to help you with other recommendations!



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