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The Entourage Effect

Welcome Spaced Cadets! I know I have mentioned mixing different cannabinoids to get an entourage effect. In this blog, I will explain what the entourage effect is and how you could feel from it. Keep reading to learn more about the entourage effect where you can create your own!

What is the entourage effect? The entourage effect is when a bunch of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, hit each one of your cannabinoid receptors. As you know these cannabinoids each have different effects on the body. When consuming just one cannabinoid (THC) you would get just that euphoric high. When consuming multiple cannabinoids (THC+CBD) you will get a full body effect that is not your basic high.

Now with a little bit of knowledge of the entourage effect, I will discuss the different combinations that you can do and try it for yourself! Full Spectrum products are the best items to produce your entourage effects for the best outcome. A study showed that combining all these cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes can help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, and epilepsy. CBC is known to be a big contributor to the entourage effect by binding to the other receptors in our body, not just the CB1 and CB2 receptors. It is said to bind with our transient receptor potential cation channels. Combining it with THC can help enhance the effects of inflammation and reduce mild aches and pains.

THC we all know gives us that euphoric high that we all want. Now think of adding some CBD to it. CBD is nonpsychoactive so it will not produce the same high as THC, but it can help counteract some of the negative effects THC has. After some research, it is said that taking THC and CBD works more effectively for pain than just consuming either CBD or THC.

THC and CBG are a great combination that I look at a lot for in strains. Combining THC and CBG gives you that high you are looking for yet keeps you calm, and you do not feel the negative effects of anxiety not being social.

Those are a few combinations that you could try for yourself if those interested you. Different products with different ratios can guide you on the effects you want. Now be careful with the wrong combo that can get you away from what you want to accomplish. Try out the simple ones first and you will see the difference from those.

The entourage effect is great once you experience it and will make you want to try different combinations. If you have any questions or would like recommendations to produce your entourage effect our knowledgeable budtenders would be glad to help!


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