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THC Water Solubles

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! We will be trying out our THC water solubles! They are 10 mg and look small in the syringe but pack a powerful punch! Learn a little about the process and how you can feel after taking one!

With the THC Water Solubles, you can put them in your beverages and even food! You could put them in your morning coffee, energy drink, or juice. How do they work? They work by being able to be dissolved in water, making it more bioavailable to the body. There are different processes water solubles go through. There is Nano Emulsion and microencapsulation. Nano Emulsion involves high pressure or sonication to turn the THC particles into nanoparticles. Microencapsulation is another process that strengthens the effectiveness of the THC water solubles. You can learn more about those two processes in our other blog.

When I tried the THC water solubles, I put two 10mg of THC into less than half of my Gatorade. I chugged the drink, hoping for a better result. About 15-20 minutes later, I felt a headrush, and it traveled down my body for a lovely relaxing high that eventually had me wanting to sleep, but I fought through. I did not initially taste the water-soluble, but towards the end, you can taste the isolate as it sets to the bottom. I do not recommend trying it with water. The taste was unpleasant when I first tried it with water. So far, my best experience was with a small Powerade; that day, I did not feel my legs and could not walk straight.

Overall, the THC water solubles are a fun way to get high and very discreet if you want to go into a function and can not smoke. Come by and pick yours up! If those interest you, we also offer our CBG and CBD water solubles at our shop.


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