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THC and CBD Water-solubles

Welcome, Spaced cadets! In this blog, we will be trying the water-soluble THC and CBD. This combination can help ease the pain and give you a nice high. Keep following to see how this helped my shoulder and could help you.


If you are not sure what water-soluble is. It is the isolate (purest form), of THC and CBD mixed with water. In this form, the water-soluble are more bioavailable to the body by being sublingual. It can hit you quickly depending on dosage and tolerance, just by going through the blood vessels in your mouth. You can put Water Solubles in any drink you can think of! If you aren’t a fan of smoking cannabis, this is a great alternative. 


THC and CBD both have similar properties of pain relief and anti-inflammatory. THC is responsible for that high that we look for. CBD is non-psychoactive and won’t give you that high. A 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is always recommended to help ease pain. Be aware too much CBD can mitigate your high from the THC. CBD can also help reduce anxiety and depression. While THC can help gain your appetite and pain relief. Combining these two water-soluble it could help with pain or have fun with it 


My shoulder was giving me problems after a weekend of softball, and I was recommended the THC and CBD water-soluble combo. I always seem to find more positive effects using a Powerade for the water-soluble. I put both 50 mg THC and 50 mg CBD in my drink. I almost instantly felt a little head change, but after about twenty minutes, I started to feel a body high kick in. The high was relaxing on the body from drinking the water-soluble mix and falling asleep. After an hour, I started to feel my shoulder was beginning to relax and not have a sharp pain or feel heavy. I fell asleep two hours later and woke up feeling new and rested. My shoulder still had a little pain after waking up, but not as how it was feeling before taking the THC and CBD water soluble. 


Suppose you are experiencing pain in your body and looking to relax come and stop by Spaced and try the THC and CBD water-soluble combination. We have other great products that can help too with pain. Just ask our budtenders, they will be more than glad to help!

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