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Texico and New Mexico History

Updated: Jan 12

Welcome, Spaced Cadets! This blog will delve into a brief history of Texico and New Mexico for all our outsiders. Keep reading to discover more about the Land of Enchantment.


Texico, New Mexico, is a tiny town situated on the border with Texas. You might find yourself halted by a passing train every five minutes or so, so if you're in a time crunch, it's something to plan for. Texico holds the distinction of being the oldest city in Curry County, dating back to the 1900s. Initially, a lively town attracting settlers for the railroad, Texico began to settle down when Clovis became the division point in 1906. The first hotel built in Texico still stands today, albeit as an old building.


Texico is a quaint town hosting under 1,000 residents. When New Mexico legalized recreational use, Texico started with one dispensary; now, after almost two years, it has four, including our very own Spaced Cannabinoid! Texico boasts a Mexican restaurant named Frida’s, offering excellent authentic Mexican cuisine. There is a clothing boutique store called Rebecca’s, a Stripes gas station, and a Dollar General. 


New Mexico underwent a journey through different countries, being a part of Spain around the 16th century, becoming a part of Mexico in 1821, and later joining the United States with the Treaty of Guadalupe. New Mexico has a couple of f unique places to visit, including Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands National Monument. Roswell, NM, is notable for its UFO crash site. New Mexico also first legalized Medical Marijuana in March 2007, but did not get its first dispensary licensed till 2010. 


The state of New Mexico and the town of Texico both possess their unique charms. We hope you enjoy exploring the small town of Texico, and if you venture further into New Mexico, we wish you a fantastic experience! Don't forget to stop by before you continue into Texico or leave New Mexico; we're always excited to meet different travelers! Comment below if you have any facts about Texico or share how far you've traveled to get here!




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