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Terpene Terpineol

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We have covered an extensive number of terpenes and are going to cover Terpineol in this blog. Terpineol is found just about everywhere! Keep reading to learn more about the possible effects and benefits of Terpineol!


Terpineol is known as a relaxing terpene that does have some potential side effects. Terpineol has caused dermatologic reactions before and has sedated mice before. Terpineol is classified as a monoterpene and is considered a terpene alcohol. Terpineol has a similar chemical structure to terpene and is in four different categories. Terpineol is also called Alpha-terpineol, Beta-terpineol, Gamma-terpineol, and Terpinene-4ol.


The terpene Terpineol is different from Terpinolene because it has some medicinal properties that have been studied. Terpineol is said to help reduce inflammation, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and pain relief. Benefits from Terpineol could be a mood booster, support gastrointestinal health, and slow the growth of abnormal cells. One study in 2021 showed that alpha-terpineol showed anti-fungal and insecticidal activity. Two studies showed alpha-terpineol showing anti-inflammatory effects.


You can find Terpineol in flowers, spices, trees, fruits, and marijuana. Terpineol can be extracted from branches, leaves, and oil from an Orange Tree. Terpineol is also used in cosmetics, lotions, soap, and perfumes. They use it in cosmetics to help enhance the skin tones. Terpineol gives off an earthy, citrusy, and peaches aroma. Strains high in Terpineol are Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Skywalker OG, and Fire OG.


Terpineol seems to be a great factor in the Terpenes category. With future studies still going for Terpineol it can possibly help us in our day-to-day lives. If you want to benefit from its potential benefits and effects, come by Spaced and see if we have any products with Terpineol or an alternative to helping. We currently have some Girl Scout Cookies if interested! Our budtenders are always glad to help and answer all questions!


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