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Geraniol The Rose Terpene

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! We will talk about Geraniol, one of the many hundred-plus terpenes out there! Geraniol is known to be the main compound in Rose oil. Geraniol is also found in many other plant essential oils. If you want more information that can benefit your health, keep reading!

Geraniol has many excellent properties that can help the mind and pain and have possible anti-cancer effects. Geraniol has anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and tumor-reduction properties. With its anti-fungal property and anti-bacterial it was put up against different bacteria and fungi. It would kill eighteen varieties of bacteria and twelve types of fungi. A study showed that it helped inhibit fibrosis and the growth of colon cancer cells! They also did some studies on animals and were shown to have positive results that can help hyperglycemia or diabetic persons. Another positive study with Geraniol showed that it helped mitigate the symptoms of atherosclerosis.

Geraniol is also said to help people with trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. If you have bad anxiety or cannot fall asleep, taking products with Geraniol can help you. Geraniol is abundant in popular strains, such as Strawberry Diesel, Black Cherry Soda, Tahoe OG, and Purple Punch. Purple Punch is known to help with insomnia, stress, and aches. In contrast, Black Cherry Soda will make you more social and uplifted if you deal with depression and mood disorders. With its neuroprotective properties, a study back in 2014 showed that Geraniol can mitigate neurological damage from a chemical called acrylamide.

Geraniol is found in many plants, such as geranium flowers, lemongrass, peaches, carrots, blueberries, and coriander. It gives off a very subtle rose scent and fruit aroma. You can find it in everyday items such as soap and cosmetics, and it is used as a flavor for ice cream! Yummy! You can also find it in skin creams, cleaning products, candles, and beverages. You can find additional health benefits from geranium, citronella, and rose-containing Geraniol.

After finishing this blog, Geraniol seems like another promising terpene with fantastic effects and a fruity rose aroma! Even if you are not having these problems consuming can help prevent some effects later. Pairing it with other terpenes for an entourage effect would help extra wonders! Ask if any of our products contain Geraniol if you need relief in those areas.


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