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Sugarcane Live Hash Rosin

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be reviewing one of our newest concentrates! Sugarcane Live Hash Rosin made by Virtuous Cannabis. This strain has a sweet smell to it and a great high. Keep following along to see the benefits and effects of this strain.


The Sugarcane Live Hash Rosin has 70.5% THC and 0.14% CBD. Sugarcane is a sativa dominant hybrid and is a cross of Platinum Cookies and Slurricane. Sugarcane is a Live Hash Rosin meaning it has all the terpenes from the flower. It also would have a glass butter-like texture that is easy to handle when taking a dab. 


The flower Sugarcane is said to have the appearance of minty green nugs covered in orange hairs and a small coat of crystal trichomes. Sugarcane has the flavors of sweet, grapes, sugar, spicy, and floral. Sugarcane can have you feeling uplifted, energetic, and euphoric. This strain has also helped people who experience depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, or appetite loss. Sugarcane can be a good strain to start your day and put you in a good mindset.


I was excited to try this strain from previously trying our Glace Blanche X Sugarcane Live Hash Rosin. Sugarcane Live Hash Rosin had a golden color that looked like hard candy. The texture of it had a butter consistency and was not sticky where it would make a mess. The smell I got from Sugarcane was citrusy, lemony, and hints of pine. Sugarcane has that sweet aroma that draws you back to smell it again. The exhale flavors I got had a strong weed-like taste. The high I got was a quick head change that was a little intense. Minutes later I felt my body start to feel a sense of relaxation, but my mind was still alert. I was feeling creative and active throughout my high. My comedown had me feeling sleepy after an hour of taking a few dabs. 


Overall, Sugarcane has become one of my favorite Live Hash Rosins to smoke because of its aroma, consistency, and high. If you like to dab Sugarcane is a great one to help you sleep at night and relax. We have other strains in the Virtuous concentrates, our budtenders will be more than glad to help with a recommendation or questions! Comment below if you have tried Sugarcane or our other strains and let us know how you felt!




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