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Strawberry Runtz Sativa Hybrid

Updated: Jan 30

Hello Cannabis Connoisseurs! This blog will explore the benefits and effects of the Strawberry Runtz weed strain, providing valuable insights for those looking to expand their cannabis knowledge. Our Strawberry Runtz is a Sativa Hybrid testing at 25.07% THC! Strawberry Runtz is a Trophied winner with its incredible nugs. It is a cross between Kushberries and White Runtz. There are a few other Cannabinoids found within the strain that will help with some of the effects you will feel. Keep reading to learn more about this strain and see if it could fit into your daily schedule!

Sativa Dominant

We can start with the other cannabinoids found within Strawberry Runtz. THCA was testing at 21.998% and Delta9 THC at 2.073%. CBN and CBGA were also found in this lovely strain, with CBN being 0.344% and CBGA 1.772%. Strawberry Runtz is crossed with multiple genetics, starting from Zkittlez, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, OG Kush, and many more! This strain has been crossed from other great strains that offer unique abilities. We can already tell this strain will be an excellent calming high, with the strain being a Sativa.

Strawberry Runtz has a wide variety of benefits than just enjoying a high. It is said to help with muscle spasms, mood swings, depression, and chronic pain. Strawberry Runtz gives off a euphoric feeling that will uplift you and your day! If you have arthritis, this strain will help ease the pain. Some medical patients use this strain to alleviate eye pressure and fatigue to help them, and others report that it helps them with stress. While Strawberry Runtz is a Sativa Dominant hybrid, it has many relaxing features.

Some effects you can get from Strawberry Runtz are a euphoric feeling, creative, and happy feeling. Even though it is a Sativa dominant Hybrid, you will still feel calm to mellow out the high. Some other users reported that it gives you anxiety, so if you already have a concern, be careful with this strain, as it does give off that feeling. If you are an artist, this strain can help boost the creativity of your art! Some people feel different highs or effects as you may not feel everything.

The aroma of the flower is fantastic! It is said to give off the smell of Honey, strawberry, and earthy scent. At the same time, the mentioned flavors create a fruity taste! The flavors described with Strawberry Runtz are a candy, sweet, and strawberry taste.

When I opened the bag I had the Strawberry Runtz in, the first smell I got was a sweet berry smell, and I was already intrigued! The nugs to Strawberry Runtz were a dark looking green with orange trichomes covering almost every spot on the nugs. Whenever I broke down the weed, I got an even more pungent berry smell with an earthy undertone. The nugs were sticky, too; they left the trichomes on my fingers after loading a clean bowl. The first time I tried it, I tasted a creamy berry flavor, but during exhale had the taste of earthy tones. As soon as I was done exhaling, I felt a quick head rush that gave me that head high. The head high started slowing down, and I felt calmer. After smoking a second bowl, the head-high returned, and I felt more relaxed, but I would not feel like I was couch-locked. I enjoyed this strain!

Overall this strain is a great one to try! It offers a variety of benefits that can help you with your health, and not just want to get high, but if you wish to get high, this strain is the one! Come into our dispensary and order a gram or an ounce; this does not disappoint!


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