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Spaced 2G Cereal Milk

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will review one of our in-house 2G Spaced Disposables. The strain this week is Cereal Milk! The flavors and effects are not one to miss! Follow along to see the effects and benefits of Cereal Milk. 


Our Spaced 2G Cereal Milk is a 50/50 hybrid testing at 94.71% THC, 3.17% CBG, and a total cannabinoids of 98.47% It is a cross between Snowman and Y-Life. Both strains Snowman and Y-Life come from the Cookies family. Cereal Milk was made with high-quality distillate adding the Cereal Milk strain Terpenes. 


Cereal Milk is said to have vanilla, butter, sweet, and creamy flavors. It could give off effects of arousal, relaxation, giggles, euphoria, and an energy boost. Cereal Milk is said to be great for headaches and muscle tension. Other users have reported Cereal Milk to help with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and appetite loss. The flower itself has THC percentages from 18-23%. Cereal Milk flower appearance is said to be light green, with dark green undertones covered in orange hairs and frosty trichomes. 


The first time I tried Cereal Milk I was amazed by the taste! To me, it gave me the flavors of drinking the milk from a Captain Crunch cereal bowl. The hit was a nice smooth draw from the battery itself. During the exhale I still tasted the same flavors but not as heavy. I noticed a quick head change that was not strong. A sense of relaxation came right after throughout my body. It did give me a boost of creative energy. I also noticed that my shoulder pain seemed to relax and not hurt as much. The high was balanced where I was not out of this world, but one to feel focused and relaxed at the same time. 


Cereal Milk can be a great choice for relaxation, energy booster, and creativity. Come by Spaced and mention “Bowl of Cereal” for $5 off! If you have any questions feel free to ask our amazing team of budtenders! I hope everyone has a Spaced Week!


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