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Product of The Week: Virtuous Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats Live Hash Rosin Dabs

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will be reviewing one of our new Live Hash Rosin dabs! Virtuous is a great product to dab, and they have many strains with wonderful flavors and aromas! Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats is the strain we are reviewing today. 


Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats
Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats

Permanent Chimera is crossed with Permanent Marker and Chimera #2. It is an Indica-Dominant hybrid that comes from a long lineage of different strains. Permanent Chimera has an aroma described as hints of peach and tropical flavors with diesel overtones. It gives off effects that can spark creativity and give a body relaxation. Dominant terpenes found in Permanent Chimera are Linalool, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. 


Truffle Treats is an Indica- Dominant cross between Toxic Haze X White Truffles. Truffle Treats is said to have an aroma and taste of berries and pine. It gives off the heavy effects of drowsiness. Truffle Treats in flower form are found to have bright green and dark purple hues. 


Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats had a very golden look to it after opening the package. When I first smelled the Permanent Chimera X Truffle Treats, I got a sweet berry and pine aroma. I tried the Live Hash Rosin with a nectar collector and kept it at a low temp. The flavor I got from it was a blueberry and piney during inhale and a lime taste during exhale. I got an instant head change that quickly traveled throughout my body. The head high was not intense, but where you can feel calm-minded. The body high was great you could feel your body relax, yet still enjoy your high. It had me feeling energized, creative, and relaxed. I did not get sleepy with this strain like some dabs I have taken. 


Overall, Virtuous didn’t disappoint with their Live Hash Rosin dabs. The consistency they carry and the clean, smooth hits from their dabs are great! This strain is great to sit down and relax while still being able to be focused. We do carry other strains in Virtuous Live Hash Rosins. If you have any concerns or questions about this product, our amazing budtenders are ready to help you!




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