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Power Princess Premium Rosin Jam

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We are trying another OLIO Premium Rosin Jam. This strain is called Power Princess and is a great one! Keep reading to learn about the effects and benefits of Power Princess.


Power Princess is an Indica-dominant hybrid crossed with Powerade X Princess Celestia. It is testing at 81.98% THC and 0.1% CBD. Premium Rosin Rash is a different form of concentrate made from heat. The process includes pressing bubble hash and heating until the THCA crystals are separated. This process leaves a jam-like consistency with THCA crystals throughout the concentrate. You get a very Terpene profile product that gives off many flavors and is smooth to smoke!


There is not very much information on the strain Princess Celestia. A little about the strain Powerade is crossed with Plum Wine X Melonade. It is reported to give uplifting and relaxing effects. The flavor profile of Powerade was described as earthy and berries. The family tree of the strain Powerade goes from Girl Scout Cookies, Dosidos, Chemdawg, and many more! It has a lot of history and is a perfect mix to the Princess Celestia. 


I got a unique dab tool after opening the OLIO package. You get one each time you purchase an OLIO product. The look of the Premium Rosin Jam was a very light golden color. You could see the THC diamonds throughout the jam, giving it a sugared look. The aroma Power Princess gives off is a strong gas with sweet accents. I did low temperature while smoking Power Princess to get the flavors of the terpenes. It had flavors of earthy and berries. It was a quick head-high at first. The high was very relaxing and calming. Power Princess did get me sleepy, and my eyes were heavy throughout the high. 


If you are a fan of OLIO products, Power Princess Premium Rosin Jam is a great one to choose. If you are having pain and trouble going to sleep, Power Princess can possibly help. We have a variety to choose from in OLIO. If you have any questions or concerns, ask our budtenders! 



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