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Terpene Pinene

Updated: Jan 25

We have talked about many terpenes already! Today we will talk about Pinene and all of its possibilities! Pinene is sometimes referred to as Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene. This terpene has a fantastic smell with even more excellent benefits! It is also mainly known for its bronchodilation, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Keep reading to learn more about Pinene and the benefits it has to offer.

The Pinene terpene is a naturally occurring compound found nearly everywhere in nature! Pinene is abundant in pine needles, spruce, juniper, and basil. While Pinene is a primary compound in cannabis, it is also a part of the monoterpene family. You can even find Pinene in lime, lemon, and orange peels. Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene are different in their water solubility. Alpha-Pinene is water soluble, while Beta-Pinene is not. The smell of Pinene smells just like, you guessed it, pine! Some describe the scent as sweet and spicy with a woodsy flavor.

Pinene offers a variety of benefits that can help with just about anything! Some properties that pinene helps with are anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relief, and it acts as a bronchodilator. While having respiratory benefits, just the smell of the pine can open your airways. Some studies show that it allows asthmatics and others with lung issues to help the airflow to your lungs. Another benefit that Pinene helps with is your memory and cognitive enhancement.

As you can see, it can help you inside and outside from head to toe! A particular Japanese activity is known as forest breathing (Shinrin-yoku). They say that walking or exercising in the forest provides great benefits because of the high levels of pinene you inhale. Another study showed it lowered pulse rate, blood pressure, and nerve activity more than in city environments.

At the same time, Pinene is found in nearly all cannabis. Pinene is rarely found to be the most abundant in cannabis strains but is just about the second most terpene found in strains behind Myrcene. There are still quite a few dominant strains in Pinene; Big Smooth, Blue Dream, God’s Gift, Harlequin, LA Confidential, and Pineapple Express are some of the most prevalent in Pinene. Pinene induces calming effects, and when mixed with other terpenes and cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, and CBG, you will get the entourage effect with the feeling of calmness surrounding you.

Pinene has many benefits that can help with memory, respiratory, inflammation, and bacteria. With those different properties, Pinene can help with overall health. Wow! Pinene seems excellent to try to introduce into our lives with its benefits. Even though it is the second most abundant terpene in cannabis, it appears to be one of the more beneficial. Pinene is the most researched terpene and is still being studied to further its current results! If you think Pinene and its benefits, come by our store and try our Strawberry Guava with Pinene! Ask our excellent budtenders for other recommendations too!


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