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Pets and CBD

Welcome Spaced Cadets! In this blog, we will discuss how cannabis and CBD could help your pet’s daily life. If your pet struggles with pain, inflammation, or other medical problems, keep following to see if CBD could help your pet!


CBD helps humans with inflammation and pain, but can also be very effective for pets. CBD could help cats or dogs with inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. Some studies have shown the cannabis plant helps to improve the animals’ function to walk and act normally. Some CBD companies have CBD spray or topical for pets. Introducing CBD to your pets could start helping your pets with other medical problems. 


Studies have shown that cannabinoids possess antitumor activity in animal models that have been studied. CBD and Hemp are safe for pets to use. Licensed Vets even use CBD products when they help animals. CBD use for pets is still being furthered research where we could calmly use CBD or hemp products for our pets.


The actual marijuana cannabis seems to be toxic for pets, “In the Colorado study 2 dogs that consumed baked goods that included butter with concentrated medical grade THC died” (PubMed). This study took effect after Colorado passed the law for recreational use, and these pets ate edibles by accident. Cannabis Toxicoses is the term for the cause of death for the pets. 


If your pet has gotten into your edibles or flowers, you could look for the following symptoms. Lack of balance, Disorientation, dilated pupils, sensitivity to light and sound, dribbling urine, excessive drooling, seizures, vomiting, and tiredness. There are a lot of symptoms, but we would notice these in our pets if anything were off. 


I have not tried CBD with my pets personally. A tragic accident happened with one of our Spaced family pets, and CBD has helped them in recovery from an amputation of the leg. 



“This is Sally, my 7-year-old best friend who I rescued 6 years ago. A few weeks ago, Sally and two of our other dogs escaped out of their outside enclosure and weren’t found until almost a week later. Unfortunately, Sally was found shot in the leg. We immediately took her to the Emergency Vet, and they told us her bone was shattered and her leg would need to be amputated to the femur, but we needed to take her to our normal vet for the surgery. We were devastated but knew it needed to happen to save Sally’s life. It was Easter weekend, and the vet wasn’t open, so we had to keep her comfortable for two days with an open and infected gunshot wound.  We came home with a dying dog and the medication from the ER. It was awful. We immediately started thinking of how we could help her get through this difficult time a little easier. It clicked. CBD. We started giving Sally 100mg of CBD twice a day. I started to notice it helped her relax and sleep as well as the inflammation and pain. That next week Sally finally went in for surgery and the next day we brought her home. When she got home, I continued her CBD regimen along with the antibiotics from the Doctor. A week later when we went for her check-up, the vet asked me what I was doing because she looked and was healing great! I told him everything and he told me to keep it up. I am a firm believer in CBD and will continue to be. Sally is about a week and a half into recovery, but she has made leaps and bounds with the help of CBD.”


If you think CBD could help your pet, we have a Bark-eaz CBD spray that offers these great benefits for our loving pets! If you have some questions about using CBD or cannabis for your pets, our budtenders are greatly knowledge to help you!


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