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Olio Moonshine Slurri Premium Rosin Jam

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We are going to be trying a brand Favorite OLIO! The OLIO product we have today is the Moonshine Slurri Premium Rosin Jam. This concentration is not one to miss! Keep reading to learn more about some benefits and effects of this Premium Rosin Jam. 


OLIO Moonshine Slurry is a hybrid strain that leans more to the indica side. It is crossed with Slurricane X Forbidden Wine. This Rosin Jam is testing at 82.05% THC and .1% CBD. Premium Rosin Rash is a different form of concentrate made from heat. The process includes pressing bubble hash and heating until the THCA crystals are separated. This process leaves a jam-like consistency with THCA crystals throughout the concentrate. You get a very Terpene profile product that gives off many flavors and is smooth to smoke!


A little about the Strains that make this Premium Rosin Jam. The strain Forbidden Wine did not pop up much information about the strain. Slurricane is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a 60/40. It has reported flavors of sweet, fruity, and spicy earthy. The effects Slurricane can have on you are relaxed, sleepy, and the munchies. Few users have said it has helped them with their anxiety, stress, and insomnia. 


Moonshine Slurri Premium Rosin Jam was a great product to try for the first time. After opening the package, it comes with a unique dab tool. When I first smelled the Jam, I got a sweet, fruity, and cheesy aroma. The color of the Jam was a very light golden color that looked like jelly jam. You could see the crystals throughout the concentrate while giving it a sugary consistency. The flavors I got from the jam were sweet, fruit, earthy taste, and a cheese aftertaste. I took the dabs using a nectar collector and only heated them for about 10 seconds to get the full taste of the terpenes. It is a mouthful to describe! The high I got from it was a quick head high at first. I did start to get sleepy after a while, but I felt relaxed throughout the high and focused. It did help me to fall asleep at night and I woke up feeling rested. 


If you want to try the Moonshine Slurri Premium Rosin Jam, stop by Spaced! We do carry other Strains and different forms of concentrates. If you have any questions or concerns you can ask our budtenders and they will be happy to help!


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