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OG Kush Breath: Indica-Dominant

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! Today, we will discuss our OG Kush Breath testing at 28.18%! It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is believed to be from the lineage of Girl Scouts Cookies. OG Kush Breath has a unique flavor profile with some great terpenes! OG Kush Breath is a cup-winning variety and won 6th place at The Emerald Cup 2018! Keep reading to learn about the effects and benefits of OG Kush Breath. This strain fly’s off the shelf….no pun intended!

Indica Dominant

OG Kush Breath is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Florida Kush and Durban Poison. The cannabinoids found are tested at THC 28.18%, CBGA 1.11%, and CBN .43%. The total cannabinoids found in OG Kush Breath were 33.67%, and the total terps are 1.03%. Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Limonene were some great terpenes found in the strain and are most abundant in this strain. Check out our other blogs covering those terpenes and cannabinoids to get more info on them. OG Kush Breath is used medicinally with different benefits that help people with their everyday lives. It can help treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and lack of appetite. It can even help you mentally by relieving some stress for you. It also helps treat depression and reduce anxiety. Medical patients use it to help them with insomnia or stay asleep; others report it helps with their anxiety. OG Kush Breath seems to be a gem with many benefits that can help you head to toe.

Some effects you will feel are hungry, uplift, relaxation, and sleep. OG Kush Breath is often used mentally to uplift your mood and make you happy if you have an off day. Some medical

patients use it to help with their appetite. Even though it is an indica strain, you would

think it will bring you down; try this strain and see if it can give you that extra boost you need.

The aroma of OG Kush Breath gives off a unique profile with different scents. They are often

described as earthy, herbal, pungent, nutty, and berry overtones. OG Kush Breath has a fresh

nutty flavor, while the exhale flavor is said to be a berry vanilla flavor that sometimes feels like

it is getting spicier with each hit.

When I first opened the bag, I smelled a very fruity lemony smell that had me just wanting to breathe that strain! The smell was incredible! The look of the nugs was dark green and covered in orange trichomes! It was easy to break down while being sticky and left on my fingers. After breaking it down, I got an even stronger berry and lemony scent with earthy undertones. When I first tried a bowl of it, I tasted sweet and fruity, while the exhale was an earthy spicy flavor. The high I got was a good head high that relaxed me, and I could enjoy my surroundings. After having a few bowls, I did get tired but was not feeling couch-lock. I still felt an energetic effect. Indica is not my favorite type of cannabis because of feeling tired and sleepy, but OG Kush Breath is one I do not pass up on when I have the chance to smoke. Wow, a lot is going on with OG Kush Breath!

Overall, this strain is a great smoke and very enjoyable! It has many significant effects and

benefits that can help with insomnia and appetite when consuming OG Kush Breath. If the things you read today about the strain intrigued you, come by Spaced Cannabinoid and get

some with our amazing deals!


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