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New Mexico Cannabis Sales April 2024

Updated: May 13

Welcome Spaced Cadets! It has been a while since I have updated you all on the cannabis sales industry. In this blog, I will be going over the sales for recreational and medical cannabis in April. Keep following along to see how New Mexico continues to grow!


New Mexico has turned the Cannabis industry into a billion-dollar industry in its first two years of being recreational! New Mexico has made a total of $1,113,737,655 in both Medical and Recreational sales. Medical has made $357,522,683, while Recreational has made $756,214,980. The average sales transactions have been around $41 for adult use and around $50 for medical use. 


In April there was a total of $51,107,739 in sales. The Medical sales reached $12,854,179 and recreational sales were $38,253,559. On April 20th this year sales skyrocketed from last year. According to Andrea Brown a spokeswoman in the Regulation and Licensing Department, said sales reached over $5 million. Out of that $5 million, $3.6 million came from recreational sales, and $1.4 million came from medical sales. These numbers have nearly doubled from last year’s 420. 


Texico saw a total of $3,538,221 in April. The medical sales were $242,630 and adult sales were $3,295,590. In Portales, they had a total of $9,222,835 in sales while medical sales were $4,416,319 and adult sales were $4,806,516. Our other neighboring City Clovis made a total of $31,811,193 in sales. Their Medical sales were $10,028,463 and adult sales were $21,782,730. Our little region of Texico, Portales, and Clovis totaled around $45,000,000 in sales. 


It is great to see how much impact the cannabis industry has had in New Mexico. All these sales help put more into our state and for new studies on Cannabis! Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on New Mexico and its growing industry!


*Totals are rounded to the nearest penny.


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