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New Mexico Cannabis Sales

Welcome, Spaced Cadets this blog will be about New Mexico and how it has been doing after a year in a half, and some of the local towns around us as well. All these stats are from April 2022 to the end of October 2023. 


Cannabis adult use in New Mexico has made $536,493,893.16 since recreational legalization. New Mexico also has made $282,383,159.57 on the medical side. Combining both totals, New Mexico's Cannabis sales total would be $818,877,044.75 as of the end of October. The highest month for adult use was $34,815,596.88 in August 2023, and Medical was $17,487,472.28 in May 2022. 


Texico made $2,027,412.55 in adult use sales while also selling $163,180.77 to medical users, totaling $2,190,593.31 in sales. Texico’s all-time month is currently October 2023, with $194,194.74 in adult use, nearly tripling last year in October. The all-time sales for medical users were $13811.78. From the first month totaling $17,275.36, Texico has come a long way in just a year with a few dispensaries here. 


Local city Clovis, New Mexico, has made $15,421,024.33 in adult use and $7,881,456.34 for medical patients, totaling $23,302,480 in Sales. The highest month in Clovis was in August 2023, totaling $980,802.18 in adult use. The highest medical sales were in April 2022, totaling $477,867.83. Portales is another local town that has totaled $3,545,237.04 in Medical and $3,338,474.35 in adult use, totaling $6,883,711.38.


New Mexico has been doing great for a year and a half since being legalized and new to the recreational market. There have been monthly highs waiting to be broken. It would be crazy to see how New Mexico would be doing in 5+ 10+ years. 




NMRLD Cannabis Dispensaries in New Mexico, Accessed 30 Nov. 2023.

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