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Music and Cannabis

Welcome Spaced Cadets! Have you ever wondered why music sounds amazing whenever you are high? Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, and Willie Nelson are big icons that contribute to linking music and cannabis. Music can feel therapeutic whenever you are high from the sounds and vibrations. Follow along to see why this happens.


Why do we like music even more after smoking cannabis? Combining cannabis and music can enhance your dopamine, visuals, and attention. When you are high have you noticed you can hear the different instruments playing throughout the song? Artists use cannabis to help spark creativity and enhance their sensitivity to sound.


Cannabis and music both give off a reaction to the CB1 receptor in your brain. The right part of your brain processes information, while the left part of your brain, enhances creativity and imagination. Sound goes from your spinal cord to your brain activating your whole nervous system. Adding cannabis to these parts of your brain enhances the sounds of the music. You can be high and enjoy the music, but if you are not high music still enhances your brain activity.


Music like Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, and Willie Nelson had their reasons for cannabis. Snoop Dogg is known for smoking a lot of weed and has his own brand Leafs. Bob Marley wrote music that wanted to change the movement of cannabis, by singing about its medical reasons and how it helps you. Willie Nelson a country singer has his brand called Willie’s Reserve. You can see the different music cultures all supporting their version of Cannabis.


Overall, music is great whenever I am high because it boosts creativity and relaxation at once to go with your day. Come by Spaced for some great weed to go with your jam sesh. Leave a comment below on how you feel whenever you are high and listening to music!


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