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Mixed Caviar Cones

Welcome, Spaced Cadets! This blog will be about one of our popular Mixed Caviar Cones. We offer them in different amounts, ranging from 0.75g to 1.25g. These joints are smooth and tasty. Keep reading, to learn more about how they are made and their effects!


The Caviar Cones we have are made from a mixture of different strains. After testing the caviar cones, they both had THC at 28.39%, while the CBD was at 0.141%. Caviar Cones are made by soaking top-shelf nugs in hash oil and rolling them in kief. Another method involves putting a wax coat on the outside of the wrap and rolling it in keef. The ones we have wax and a coat of kief on the outside. 

The Caviar Cones come in a black tube. It emits a very gassy, lemony scent that is delightful. I took a dry hit and tasted a fruity flavor. Upon lighting the Caviar Cone, the inhale resembled a minty perfume, resulting in a mint exhale and a sweet aftertaste. It delivered a very smooth experience that wasn’t harsh, and it burned evenly throughout the entire joint. The high I experienced was more of a cerebral high, enhancing everything around me in terms of color, light, and sound. It provided a calm, relaxed high midway through. The comedown did not leave me drowsy, while the high lasted about an hour and a half.


Overall, the Caviar Cones are perfect for this freezing weather to stay inside and relax. Come by Spaced and grab your Caviar Cone our budtenders will be more than glad to help you! 

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