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Mendo Purp X Kush Mintz Pre-roll

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be reviewing one of our top-shelf 1-gram pre-rolls. The pre-roll is Mendo Purp and Kush Mintz! Mendo Purp and Kush Mintz blend had a unique aroma and delicious flavor! Keep reading to learn more about the effects and benefits and to see if you would enjoy this pre-roll because I know I did!

Indica Dominant

First, we will talk about Mendo Purp. Mendo Purp is an indica dominant strain, sometimes called Mendo Purps or The Purps, originated from Mendocino County. It also won two Cannabis cups in 2007 and 2009. They say you can smell berries and piney, with some earthy undertones. The reported flavors were caramel and coffee! Some effects you can get from this strain are calm, happy, and sleepy. Some users reported that they experienced headaches and dizziness when consuming higher doses. Consume responsibly. Some benefits that Mendo Purp offers are that it helps relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

Now, let's talk about the other half, Kush Mintz. Kush Mintz is a 50/50 hybrid crossed between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. The aroma Kush Mintz gives off is an earthy wood with heavy mint. Some flavors reported when smoking is a mint flavor with some piney undertones. Kush Mintz has effects of relaxation, euphoria, and arousal. A dominant terpene found in Kush Mintz is Limonene with Caryophyllene and Linalool behind it. Some benefits that Kush Mintz has are that it can help with anxiety, mood booster, and pain.

Let's see how it is when both are put together! When I first got the pre-roll, I unrolled a little to get the aroma from the flower, and it smelled wonderful. The smell I got was a fruity, citrusy aroma that smelled sweet! It had some unique flavors; I could taste a piney flavor with a citrus-like undertone during inhale. The high I got was a head high that was not overwhelming and was relaxing. Later, during the high, I started to feel sleepy. A plus was that it settled the pain from my shoulder with which I had issues. The only negative I did not enjoy was Cotton Mouth after a few hits, so make sure you have your favorite drink!

Overall, I enjoyed this strain, especially after a long day of wanting to unwind. This would be an excellent strain to sit back and relax from the aroma, flavors, and effects! Come by and grab some of the pre-rolls. Our budtenders will be more than glad to help you.


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