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Master Kush Live Rosin

Updated: Jan 30

Master Kush is a heavy indica crossed from Original Hindu Kush and the Pure Skunk strain. It also won two Cannabis Cup awards in 1992 and 1993. Our Master Kush Live Rosin tested at 77.06% TCHA and 0.23% Delta-9THC.

Indica Dominant

The smell of Master Kush had a Lemony and Citrusy smell that was sweet. At the same time, the appearance looked terrific, from the THCA Diamonds all around to the Live Rosin, which was a lovely golden wax. The taste from inhaling was fruity, and with the exhale, you could taste the same lemony and citrusy flavor.

Master Kush has many benefits that can help you. It is reported that it helps with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and pain relief. The effects you can experience could be couch lock, creativity, and hunger.

After smoking it, you get an enjoyable, quick head high and feel much more relaxed. The taste was beautiful and smooth, but you get the harsh smell of smoking in some dabs. If you take a few hits later, you will feel the couch lock and sleepiness kick in. This would be a perfect strain if you have trouble sleeping or are stressed out.


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