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Kushy Chem Strain

Updated: Jan 30

Kushy Chem is a beautiful 50/50 hybrid. It has the genetics of (Triangle Kush Auto + Chem de la Chem + West Coast OG). Our strain is testing at THC 28.19%, CBG.33%, and CBGA 1.51%. It has a total of 2.02% terps and 33.65% Cannabinoids. A few terpenes in Kushy Chem were Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.

50/50 Hybrid

Kushy Chem has some incredible nugs with a light green color. The orange trichome hairs are spread out beautifully around each nug. Its aroma was one of those strong gas smells that would excite you about what will come. The smell of the flower was described as burning rocket fuel and burnt tires. You could sense a heavy lemony scent when broken down with a grinder.

Kushy Chem has a lot of great benefits, and the effects it gives off make it amazing to smoke! The CBG in Kushy Chem tested at .33%, which made the high very relaxing. The total cannabinoids found in the strain was 33.65%; with those many different cannabinoids, you will feel multiple effects. Limonene was the highest testing terpene at .93%, along with Myrcene testing at .26%, and Caryophyllene at .34%

A few significant benefits that it has to offer are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties, and antioxidant properties. Those benefits would be from the variety of cannabinoids found in the strain. Some effects are dry mouth, hunger, and calm. If you are having trouble eating, Kushy Chem will have you eating a whole store!

In conclusion, after smoking one bowl, I felt a great head and body high that was a valid 50/50. After smoking two to three bowls, you could feel a heavy sleep coming on. You can taste a piney taste whenever you are smoking it, but with the exhale, you taste a lemony flavor with a hint of spice. All those combinations to the strain make it an excellent song if you want to get high, but it also has a lot of great health benefits that make it even more fabulous!


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