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Hypothermia Strain

Updated: Jan 30

Hypothermia is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with the genetics of Slurricane #23 and Blunicorn. It is around 70% Indica and 30% Sativa with THC levels from 18-22%. The low levels of THC are helped with the terpenes that are found in Hypothermia. The specific strain we have on hand has a 2.66% terpenes profile. The most abundant are a-Pinene .78%, Myrcene .53%, and b-Pinene .44%. The total cannabinoids found in the strain Hypothermia is 22.98%; by adding these cannabinoids, THC 18.6%, THCA 20.64%, and CBG 4.9%.

70/30 Indica

The appearance of the Hypothermia was a dark green with orange trichome hairs covering it. The nugs were nice and dense and did not crumble when broken down. After the flower was broken down, it had a smooth look and was easy to handle and pack. When broken down, you can smell an even more pungent sweet, minty aroma that is very pleasant.

A few of the effects that have been reported are being relaxed, uplifted, and a euphoric feeling. The more you consume you could start to get the “tired high.”. The biggest terpene that was found in Hypothermia was b-Pinene or also known as Beta-Pinene. This terpene acts as an anti-inflammatory, a bronchodilator, a pain reliever, and even helps with short-term memory loss. The CBG in the strain was tested at 4.9%, which is high and has many benefits! It also helps give a lovely calming effect to your high.

After trying Hypothermia, I got a quick alert high from it that was not too overwhelming. After about 10 minutes, I was still more focused, but I felt it more in my body with a friendly and numb feeling. The inhale from it was a sweet taste, and I got a little harsh and spicy flavor after the exhale. This strain is excellent for afternoons after a long day!


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