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Hippie Crasher Strain

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will be reviewing Hippie Crasher, an Indica-dominant strain. The look and smell of the nugs are tremendous! Keep reading to learn more about the strains’ aroma and effects.


Indica Dominant

Hippie Crasher is typically found in high THC, while ours is testing at 20.87% THC. Hippie Crasher is a cross between Kush Mints X Wedding Cake. This strain is known for its heavy indica effects, where your body feels a deep relaxation. Hippie Crasher could be a great choice to help treat appetite loss, depression, chronic pain, and stress. 


Hippie Crasher is described as a bright green color with large orange trichomes. The aroma profile of Hippie Crasher is tasteful. Hippie Crasher gives off a fruity and minty smell, and you could get a mouthful of cherries, nuts, and vanilla flavors. Caryophyllene is the most dominant terpene in Hippie Crasher, Limonene, and Pinene.


Whenever I first opened the bag, I got a big whiff of sweet berries with hints of a peppery smell. The Hippie Crasher nugs were covered in frost and were dark green with dark purple and orange hairs. The buds were very dense and were sticky while loaded into a bowl. The taste I got was gassy, while the exhale tasted mint. I got a head high that made everything around me seem calm and silent. Not much later, I started to get a relaxing body high that did get me sleepy after a while. I did enjoy this high as it was a very relaxed high.  


Hippie Crasher is an excellent choice to alleviate your pains or put you into a relaxed sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping or even have chronic pain. Come by Spaced Cannabinoid to get a few grams of Hippie Crasher; our budtenders will be more than glad to help find the right strain for you!


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