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Growing Cannabis

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog is going to show you the basics of growing Cannabis. In New Mexico, you are allowed to grow six cannabis plants in your household unless you have a spouse then allows you to grow 12 plants. If you are an experienced grower, you can leave a comment below and drop some pictures of your growth! Keep following to learn more to get yours started!


There are a couple of ways to grow cannabis. You could grow it indoors or outdoors. It takes anywhere from 4 to 8 months before you start harvesting. Here is a list of tools you should acquire that will help you later during the steps. You would need an LED Light, grow room glasses, a PH reader, an environmental monitor, drying racks, curved trimmed scissors, nutrients, and a Kief collector. These main tools are not essential, but they help with the job. 


Growing outdoors takes place in a warm climate. While you are growing cannabis outside, you would need 12 hours of sunlight and decent humidity. Growing cannabis indoors makes it easier for you to control the light, humidity, and climate. These steps could help get you an idea of how to start growing. A recommended start time would be early spring.


1.        Germinate the seeds – You would want to get the seeds in a wet towel and a dark place. You would be looking for the color of dark brown and shiny. 

2.        Seedling Stage – You are looking for the flowers to have more than six leaves to see if it is ready to pass the seedling stage. Plants must receive 18-24 hours of sunlight.

3.        Vegetative Growth – The plant is in this stage once they see the seedlings develop seven sides of the leaves. 

4.        Pre-flowering – In this stage, you can decide if the plant is female or male. The male has green sacs full of pollen, and the Female has two pistils that grow the nugs.

5.        Flowering – occurs naturally when a plant receives less than 12 hours of daylight. 

6.        Harvesting – In the final stage you can start cutting the branches into smaller ones and letting the plant die and dry to let it cure. 


There are a lot of steps to take when having your cannabis grow. You would have to make sure the climate and lighting are right. You also must trim and cure the cannabis once ready. We do not have any clones or seeds at Spaced but try some of the strains we have in store, and you might get lucky! If you have any other questions about some strains we carry, ask our Budtenders they will be more than glad to help!


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