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1 Gram Distillate Syringe (Unterped)

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! We are trying brownies today with some of our budtenders! We will infuse the brownies with a complete 1 Gram Distillate Syringe. Keep reading to see how they tasted, how we felt after, and the different ways you can use the syringe!

The syringe is a food-grade Unterped syringe that you can use in food, baking, and drinks. You could also hit dabs with them! It is testing at 88.93% THC with some CBD at 1%, so you know the brownies we will be making will be intense. This syringe contains no terpenes as well. Before using, it is recommended to warm the syringe up with your hands for about two minutes so that the oil can come out easier. You can use this syringe in many ways, depending on how you want to consume the product. Using a syringe is helpful, too, by administering an exact dose of what you want. That can help when smoking dabs or even if you put some when rolling a joint or a blunt. You could add it to your food while cooking and have a great ending! You can use them for baking, which we will do by making some OG brownies. My friend likes using it as a tincture, sometimes by putting some under his tongue. I tried that route, and it worked. I got a nice morning high, but the taste was intense.

The distillate version means that it is already decarboxylated and ready to consume. Distillate is made by using the distillation process, a natural way that separates cannabinoids and terpenes from elements that are not wanted. The distillate usually does not contain terpenes, while those are added using a different process. Distillate also, at first, does not have a scent or flavor since it was all taken out.

I used a whole box of brownie mix and our one 1-gram distillate Syringe Unterped. I prepped it using the normal water, oil, eggs, and brownie mix formula. While stirring the mixture, I would put some of the distillate in the batter, mix it up, and continue that process till it was gone. After waiting about 45 minutes to an hour, the brownies tasted terrific! You did not taste the distillate; I did taste a little of the distillate as an aftertaste. The after-effects I did not feel a heavy euphoric high, but I did feel heavy in the eyes and went to sleep after three hours of eating about four big brownies. It was an excellent calming body high that kept coming on during the time that made me sleepy.

Overall, going the syringe way is excellent, and it is very convenient to have multiple options than just smoking! The high that I got from it was (BLANK) We also have different versions in store that range from indica hybrid to sativa. Those are our Full Spectrum Oils that you can inhale. Come by our store and grab some, or ask our budtenders if you have more questions about our 1 Gram Distillate Syringes!


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