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300MG Luck-Eaz Smacks Gourmet Edible

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be reviewing one of our 300MG Gourmet Edibles Luck-Eaz Smacks! This cereal bar gourmet edible is one to miss out on. Keep following to see how they can affect you. 


Luck-Eaz Smacks

How do edibles work? Edibles work by traveling to your stomach first, then to your liver. Those processes happen before they enter your bloodstream and travel up to your brain. The average time for edibles to start working is about thirty minutes to an hour. If you haven’t tried edibles before and aren’t sure of the amount that gets you feeling where you want, try micro-dosing. Micro-dosing is where you eat just a little of the edible and wait thirty minutes. After the first thirty minutes and you feel like you can handle more, take another equal size to the first and follow the process.  


These 300MG Gourmet Edibles are very potent in their formula. It is made with a Delta 9- THC isolate that is poured in with the other ingredients. Some users have reported going to the hospital, yet they still come to buy more! Be aware of dosage when eating one of these Gourmet Edibles if you are new to edibles. It is recommended to cut it into fours and try each piece. You could even cut eight pieces.


When you open the bag, you get a delicious-looking cereal bar that smells like and tastes like the cereal Lucky Charms! The Lucky-Eaz Smacks was hard and crunchy, after taking a bite out of it. The flavor was tasty, and you did not taste the THC isolate! I ate 150 MG, which was about half the Gourmet Edible. It was not a good decision, but it did have a good after-effect for me. I did not notice much till about thirty minutes in and started to get a head and body change. The high I was feeling was a calm and soothing high. Another thirty minutes passed, and I was feeling out of this world. I had a rough high and was feeling paranoid for a couple of hours till I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt like I slept a whole day and still woke up at my normal hour 8 am. I felt rejuvenated and ready to start my day. Usually, when I try edibles, they leave me a morning high, and I did not get one this time. I tried this edible around 9 pm and fell asleep around 11:30 pm-12 am.

If you want to try the Gourmet Edible Lucky-Eaz Smacks, come to Spaced Cannabinoid! We have other Gourmet Edibles that are 300MG as well to choose from. If you have any questions on dosage, ask our budtenders and they will be glad to help! Do not forget about this weekend for our 4/20 Weed Market! Hope to see you all there!

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