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Gourmet Chocolate Mushroom Bar

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We are going to be reviewing our delicious Gourmet Mushroom Chocolate bars. The mushrooms that are in this product are Amanita Muscaria. We talked about Amanita Muscaria and tips on ingesting it on another blog if you want to read more in-depth. Keep reading to see if this Chocolate bar would be a good experience for you!

First, this Gourmet Mushroom Chocolate is a Dark Chocolate flavor and comes with 100 MG THC per Chocolate bar, 10 mg of THC, and 10 MG of Muscimol in 10 servings. If this is your first time, start low and slow. You can start with half a square or one square and wait to see how your body feels. It takes about two hours to reach the peak of the high, with the trip lasting 5-10 hours, but larger doses can last up to 20 hours.

There are multiple great benefits of consuming Amanita Muscaria with THC. It can help with depression, PTSD, stress, pain, and possibly increasing neuroplasticity. A few tips that can help you get the most benefits from taking this would be to set clear intentions of what you want to accomplish, not just for the high. Do not watch anything negative, make no plans for the next day, and let the experience come to you.

This is my first time trying Amanita Muscaria, and I thought it was great! It comes in ten pieces with little mushrooms printed onto the chocolate. The taste was great, as I am not a fan of Dark Chocolate, but the taste and texture were creamy and melted in your mouth while eating. You did not taste much THC or even the mushroom Amanita Muscaria, which was great for me. First, I took a tolerance break of two days to try and get the full effects of it. I do recommend taking a break from smoking for better results. I started with two squares, waited two hours for the peak, and felt nothing. I took another one after two hours, and an hour later, I started to feel a high come on, and like a mode just switched, everything was a calm feeling, and noises around me were silent. It was a nice feeling. I took two more an hour after each, started to feel the edible high, and got sleepy towards the end of the night. When I woke up, I still felt some of the effects of being calm and tall, but it wore off throughout the day.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of being able to feel relaxed and not hear much of my surroundings. The high wasn’t intense, felt just right, and the Amanita was relaxing and mind-clearing for those with trouble focusing. If you want to try our Gourmet Mushroom Dark Chocolate Bars, come in, and our great budtenders will be more than happy to help you! Do not be afraid to ask questions about the Mushroom bars. They can give you tips on taking and consuming responsibly!


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