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GMO X Sunset Sherbert

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be reviewing a wonderful strain today! GMO x Sunset Sherbert is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a unique flavor. Do you want a strain that will keep you feeling warm this fall? Keep reading to learn more about this hybrid strain and see if you would like the effects it has.

Indica Dominant

GMO x Sunset Sherbert is testing at 23.55% THC and 0.04% CBD. Both of these strains usually have low testing THC but have a powerful punch!

GMO Stands for Garlic Mushroom Onion, sounds very savory and maybe not a good flavor for ingesting or smoking, but is an amazing high! GMO is a part of the cookie strains and is crossed with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Chemdawg. This strain is an Indica-dominant strain that is said to have many mentally uplifting effects. Users like picking this strain for its pain, depression, and nausea properties. GMO is said to have like diesel aroma and a garlic flavor that lingers around after a sesh. Some effects that are reported with GMOs are euphoria, uplifting, relaxing, and sleepy effects.

Now for Sunset Sherbert, this strain is another indica dominant strain that is crossed with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Pink Panties. Sunset Sherbert is said to give a fast head high that can have you feeling social. The aroma that is described with Sunset Sherbert is sweet fruity, yogurt taste, and a sweet earthy aftertaste. Users reported that they like this strain to relieve stress, tension, and mood disorders. Some effects that have been reported with Sunset Sherbert are relaxed, happy, and creative.

Now let's cross both strains and see how it feels! When I first tried it, the aroma I got from it was a very lemony, citrusy smell that was sweet. I did a dry hit and was able to taste that same lemony citrusy smell. The colors of the nug were a nice, light green covered in trichomes with purple undertones that made the nug pop! After lighting it, you would get a gassy flavor that can have you choking. During exhale you could taste the gas with undertones of pine. Now the high I got did not disappoint from the unique flavor profile. I felt a quick head rush that had me feel the euphoric effects where it traveled to my body and felt that calm relaxing high. I also felt a warm sensation during my high that kept me relaxed as well. I've had shoulder pain for a while now. After smoking a few bowls of GMO X Sunset Sherbert, I felt relief in my shoulder. The high was great when I took a moderate amount. After a heavy dose though, you do start to feel sleepy.

Overall I enjoyed this strain and will be going back for more! If you would like to come try some for yourself, our budtenders will be more than happy to help you! Happy Halloween!


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