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Fossil Fuel Strain

Updated: Jan 30


Our Fossil fuel is a sativa-dominant hybrid at 80/20. From looking at the strain to the first smell until the last puff is a great product to consider! It comes from the genetics of Pink Jet Fuel and French Toast.

80/20 Sativa


The parents Pink Jet Fuel and French Toast are both indica-dominant flowers. Pink Jet Fuel has an earthy smell and purple hues, as with Fossil Fuel. It also has effects that help sharpen your senses, and I felt highly aware after a few minutes from the Fossil Fuel. French Toast has a sweet, earthy butter smell, whereas Fossil Fuel aroma was a lovely lemony scent. It helps calm anxiety and relax your body..


Fossil Fuel appeared as nice dark green nugs coated in trichomes. You could also see the hints of purple underneath the dark green and trichomes. It is easy to use when you grind it down to roll a joint or pack a bowl. The Fossil Fuel had a very fruity lemon smell, which was very pleasant. Whenever broken down, it had a nice fluff, but its aroma had a sweet berry smell.

Final Thoughts

I experienced a strong head high that was easily enjoyable for me as a sativa fan. I also felt some paranoia midway, but towards the end of my high was a calming body high that made me feel drowsy. The taste I got from it was a pepper taste that burned, and the exhale was an earthy taste that made it better after the burn. If you are a Sativa fan, Fossil Fuel is a highly recommended strain to try!


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