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Delta 3 Carene Terpene

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will be about the potential health benefits of the terpene Delta 3 Carene. Like all the terpenes with health benefits, Delta 3 Carene could help in different ways in young patients. Keep following to learn more about the possibilities of Delta 3 Carene.  


Delta 3 Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene often referred to as Carene or 3 Carene. Carene has a wide variety of potential health benefits that have been studied for years. It can help with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, fungal infections, and osteoporosis. Carene has properties of anti-inflammatory, insomnia, and an increase in calcium. A study showed that Carene helps promote bone growth, and after 15 days of administering Carene, it showed an increase in calcium. Another study showed that Carene triggers the GABA receptors in your brain, which are the same pathways that sleep medications take. 


Delta 3 Carene is good for joint discomfort from your inflammation. Carene can help improve memory retention. Other studies have shown Delta 3 Carene to stimulate collagen production while healing wounds and tissue regeneration. In specific strains of cannabis, Delta 3 Carene can help alleviate respiratory symptoms. A side effect you can get from Carene is a dry mouth and red eyes.


Delta 3 Carene is also a natural compound in Turpentine. Delta 3 Carene has aroma profiles of lemon, citrus, and earthy. Delta 3 Carene is found in cannabis, basil, bell peppers, rosemary, and turpentine. Strains that are high in Delta 3 Carene are Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush, Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, and AK-47. 


Delta 3 Carene can be a sweet-smelling terpene that can improve mental health. Carene is still being studied to maximize its results. If you are looking for the benefits of Delta 3 Carene, come by Spaced and check out if we have some of the strains listed. If you have any more questions about Delta 3 Carene, our budtenders will be more than glad to help you out!



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