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Caramel Cream

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome Spaced Cadets we are going to try out our Caramel Cream Indica dominant flower! These buds smell amazing so I'm excited to see what it has to offer and the effects of it.


Caramel cream is crossed between a few strains, Royal Highness, Old School Cookies, and Humboldt Reserve OG. Myrcene is a dominant terpene that is usually found in Caramel Cream along with caryophyllene and pinene. Our Caramel Cream is testing at 21.54% THC, .91% CBG, and a total cannabinoids of 25.35%. It is a 90/10 indica dominant strain that smells amazing! Its dominant terpenes that were tested were Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool.

Caramel cream is said to have the benefits of helping with pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Some effects that were reported with this were uplifting, creative, social, relaxed, and clear-minded. On Leafly it Is reported that 19% of users say it also helps them with their depression. A few negatives of taking large doses are paranoia, headaches, and feeling anxious. Caramel Cream has a unique flavor profile. It's said to have cheese, flowery, and sweet flavors. The aroma is said to be just as it sounds a sugary, salty caramel smell, with a heavy gas-like smell making it mouth-watering!

I started by smelling from the jar and it is a very strong smell that is addicting. I smelled a strong gas-like smell that left a burning sensation as if you were smelling gas and also had a strong lemon citrusy smell right behind to make it sweet! The nugs look incredible with being a light green and having hues of dark crystally purple! The nugs are also covered in trichomes making the light green pop more! The nugs ground up nice and soft making it not as messy to load a bowl or roll a joint. The taste had a lemony fruity taste with citrusy undertones while the exhale was peppery spicy. I got a quick head high that lasted a good time for me but overall I felt a very nice body high that was calming. I did start feeling sleepy towards the end of my high after a few bowls.

Caramel Cream is probably my new favorite strain from smelling from the jar to the quick head high everything was enjoyable. We just got this strain in and it is going fast come by our shop and ask our great budtenders for a gram or an oz of Caramel Cream!


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