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Cannabis Industry Jobs

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! Merry Christmas!! This blog will discuss several jobs in the cannabis industry. If you read the blog about Cannabis New Mexico Sales, you can see that this industry is rapidly evolving every year.


The cannabis industry has experienced 141% growth since 2017. Even though there was a 2% decline in 2023, who's to say it won't grow another 30% this coming year? If you want to get your foot in the door to the industry, the opportunity is extremely great right now to get in. There are also positions where you wouldn't have to deal directly with cannabis.


There are over twenty different cannabis jobs. One of the primary roles is that of a budtender. A budtender's responsibility is to assist customers in finding a suitable strain or providing knowledge about the plant and products to both new and existing users. Applying to be a budtender is a great way to start. Two other positions you could apply for, especially if you have managerial or inventory skills, are Inventory Manager or Retail Manager. Inventory managers determine the required number of products to keep the dispensary running smoothly, while Retail Managers handle hiring and day-to-day operations.


If you want to be up close with cannabis plants, you could apply for a cultivator job. Cultivators are experts in growing, harvesting, and planting cannabis. This is another excellent job to help you get started in the cannabis industry. Another role is a Cannabis Trimmer; precision is crucial in this job as it involves carefully trimming the plants and determining their weight afterward.


Several jobs that do not involve direct interaction with cannabis include content writing, web building, accounting, consulting, sales/marketing, and software-related positions (POS, web software, etc.). If you're in any of these fields and want to enjoy and learn more about cannabis, come to the green side!


There are numerous jobs available, from cultivation to online roles. Many of these positions seem fascinating to explore and learn. I hope this blog has provided a general idea of the various jobs in this growing industry. Comment below if you are in the industry already or looking to get into the cannabis industry! Merry Christmas from us at Spaced!




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