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Cannabis Holidays

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will be about the Cannabis Holidays that we stoners celebrate. There are 420, 710, Green Wednesday, and April 1st State recreational legalization. Some of you may know these, but hopefully, there's some information you didn’t. 


The biggest cannabis holiday is celebrated on April 20th (420). Why do we consider 4/20 as a holiday? It started with five high school students from California in 1971. It was said that they would always meet at 4:20 after classes to smoke cannabis. They used 420 as a code for marijuana because it was illegal at that time. Later on, one of the students started working for the band Grateful Dead. The band started using 420 with their fans and it started to spread everywhere. 


Another holiday that is celebrated is on July 10th 710. On July 10th is for the concentrate stoners because if you turn 710 upside down it spells oil! There is still uncertainty about 710 and how it started, but 2013 was the first celebration of 710 with The 710 Cup. If you're a big dab person I would check on this day for events or local deals!


Green Wednesday is celebrated every year on the day before Thanksgiving. Just like the other two holidays it is unsure when Green Wednesday started, but was caught on quickly in California from this Cannabis delivery service Eaze in 2016. 


Now here in New Mexico recreational marijuana was legalized on April 1st, 2022. I was hoping it was not a big April Fool's joke. Living in this area for 20-plus years and having marijuana legalized was pretty exciting and something you could celebrate too as well. 


These holidays make cannabis seem a little more fun to light up! Be sure to check us out on any of these days as well! Thanks for reading this far!



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