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Cannabis and Sleep

Welcome Spaced Cadets! Do you have trouble sleeping or waking up tired? In this blog, we are going to explain how Cannabis and sleep go together and can help improve your sleep. If you have wondered, “Why does weed put me to sleep”, this blog can explain and answer your questions! 


Cannabis helps you sleep in different ways. It could help you get into a deep relaxed sleep that could fix your personal sleep cycle. While you are in a deep sleep, there is a high chance you will not have dreams. People who experience chronic pain, PTSD, and even restless leg syndrome can benefit from using cannabis. A few strains that could help promote a night of better sleep are Grand Daddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights, and Bubba Kush. People who have used these strains also used it to help their insomnia. 


When looking for strains to help you sleep, you would want to look more toward the heavy indica strains. THC and CBD play a big part in helping you sleep. THC can give you sleep effects, especially in high doses. While CBD taken in high amounts helps sleep and helps treat anxiety. A study showed that 80% found relief from anxiety after a month, and 65% of users had their sleep immediately improved. There is another Cannabinoid that is responsible for the sleep effects of CBN. CBN is found in sativa plants and the longer CBN sits the stronger the effects it has. Even cannabis strains that are low in CBN can get stronger over time. CBN can make you fall asleep quickly. 


Suppose you have trouble sleeping or want a good rest after a long day. Come by Spaced and look through our Indica strains that have more sleeping properties or for any of the strains listed above! Like always, if you have any questions about the different strains, ask our budtenders, and they can make a recommendation for you! 



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