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BHO and CO2 Extraction Processes

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome Spaced Cadets! This blog will be a short one to compare the BHO and CO2 extraction processes. These two processes each have different outcomes to consistency and/or texture. Keep reading to learn more about the basics and how they both are operated. 


What is BHO?

We will start with BHO extraction. BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil. This process is dangerous since butane is highly flammable, but the results are great! BHO is made with a purified version of butane gas. With this process, the THC and Terpenes stay and can form different results like shatter, while the cannabinoids are taken out during the process. This usually leaves the concentrate in higher potency.


What is CO2?

CO2 extraction stands for Carbon Dioxide Supercritical Extraction. Using the CO2 method you can create different oils by changes in the temperature and pressure of the carbon dioxide. By using the CO2 method, you can target which terpenes or cannabinoids you want quickly, easily, and with purity all in one extraction process. 


Both, processes are highly used in the industry today, it all depends on which extraction process you want to use. There are a few more extraction processes out there that others find to like as well. We have our 2 Gram Disposables that were made with the BHO process and are very tasteful! 





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