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Athletes and Cannabis Brands

Welcome Spaced Cadets! In this blog, we will be talking about professional athletes and their cannabis brands. A lot of athletes from different sports all use cannabis to recover or for pain. Other sports organizations have lifted their ban for athletes to use cannabis to help them with recovery after a season or game. Follow along to see if your favorite athlete uses cannabis or has their cannabis brand!


Different sports organizations like MLB, NBA, UFC, and NFL have changed their cannabis rules. The NBA agreed with the players’ union last year in July 2023 that will go till 2030 allowing them to use marijuana and CBD products. The NBA is also allowing players to invest in CBD Companies. In 2019 the MLB started allowing players to use cannabis on personal time and not during team-related events. The NFL allowed use during the offseason but still prohibited during the regular season in 2020. The NCAA is looking to remove cannabis from its banned list this year. The UFC has recently removed cannabis from the banned substances list. 


In the NFL Calvin Johnson, a former WR for the Detroit Lions has his cannabis brand called Primitiv. Calvin would use cannabis to help recover after games and started Primitiv to reduce the stigma around cannabis. Mike Tyson has a brand called Tyson 2.0 that offers edibles, flowers, and terpene-infused wraps. He started the brand because he liked how it could help him be a better person mentally. Athletes give their all in front of us every day and should be able to use cannabis to help with recovery or pain. 


Other athletes from different sports have excelled in the cannabis industry. In the MLB Hall of Famer, David Ortiz has a strain line called “Papi Cannabis”.  Papi Cannabis are joints that are called Sweet Sluggers. A couple of strains they have are Black Mamba #7 and Motorbreath #15 picked by Papi himself. In the NBA Gary Payton is partnered with one of the top brands Cookies. He also has a strain named after him called Gary Payton. There are a lot more different athletes that have their brand or are investing in the cannabis industry. 


If you are an athlete and can use cannabis to help you in recovery or pain that has been lingering, come to Spaced Cannabinoid and get some flower to relax, or we have some recovery cream that is great for pain! If you have any questions about our products, we have a great team waiting to help you! 





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