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Assorted Mix Gummies (50 MG)

Welcome back to another product review, Spaced Cadets! We are trying our Assorted Mix Gummies Delta 9-THC 50mg. Each piece is 10mg, with the flavors being Blue Razz, Black Cherry, Lemon Head, Strawberry, and Limeade. Keep reading to see how each tasted and how the high was for me!

If you cannot smoke anymore or want to experiment with different ways to get high, edibles are a great route to take. Gummies (edibles) work by traveling to your stomach and then to the liver before getting to your bloodstream and brain, where you will start feeling euphoric. Even though some of our edibles are a sativa or hybrid, you will still get that calming, relaxing body high. The recommendation is to go low and slow. If you have not tried cannabis, start with half a gummy (5mg), wait about 30 minutes to two hours, and try the other half if you want to. Do not be scared to quarter a gummy! Some effects can last up to 12 hours. It would be best to ingest edibles on a day off, especially if you are new; you can never know how it will affect you and how long the high might last. People take gummies to help if they are needing to sleep, or have chronic pain.

· Black Cherry Indica

This gummy tasted like the black cherry gummies you try that are not infused with THC. The aftertaste was perfect too, and it did not taste a heavy THC isolate taste that some are not a fan of.

· Blue Razz Indica

This gummy is my favorite flavor out of the others, with it tasting like blue raspberry, and the aftertaste was excellent just tasting blue raspberry. There was no heavy THC isolate taste either to the blue razz flavor.

· Lemon Head Hybrid

This flavor was my least favorite; just not a fan of lemon, but the texture and aftertaste were very lemony for the Lemon Heads out there. The THC isolate taste was not strong, covering the lemon flavor.

· Limeade Sativa

The Limeade flavor reminded me of the limeade (lemon) Mexican popsicles and tasted great all around! The isolate in the gummies was very little to the limeade flavor covering it.

· Strawberry Sativa

The Strawberry flavor tasted like sweet strawberries with a great aftertaste of the same strawberry flavor. The THC flavor was just behind this one, the strawberry being low but still tasty.

Overall, the gummies were delicious and consistent in the flavors and taste, and not having such a heavy THC isolate taste overpowered the flavors. The chewing of it was not a rubbery chew as some other gummies. On the high, I only felt a heavy eye feeling but not as much tired. I tried a second pack with the same effect, minus the heavy eyes. I believe that because my tolerance is high, we all do not have the same tolerance. Come by our shop and try out the assorted mix in 50mg or 100mg, or even if you want just 50mg or 100mg in a specific flavor, our budtenders will be more than happy to help!


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