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Apple Fritter 50/50 Hybrid

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome Spaced Cadets! We will be trying Top Shelf Apple Fritter which is a 50/50 Hybrid. Keep reading about what benefits this strain offers rather than just its sweetness!


50/50 Hybrid

Our Top Shelf Apple Fritter was tested at 26.01% THC and has 0.04% CBD. Apple Fritter is a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies and is one of the truest 50/50 hybrids. Apple Fritter is usually found in the 22-28% range for THC but is a great smoke!


Apple Fritter is said to have the effects of having the giggles, relaxed, and euphoric high. It can help relieve stress and anxiety as well as a mood booster. Apple Fritter provides a quick, euphoric high; however, some users have reported that it later induces deep relaxation. The highest terpenes found in Apple Fritter are Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene. The aroma and flavor profile is a variety of things that have Apple Fritter smell the way it is. You can expect an aroma of sweet apples, butter, and a light cheese smell. The flavor profile you can taste peppery and earthy flavors. 


Let's dive into Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Both Sour Apple and Animal Cookies are hybrid strains, but offer distinct effects and aromas. Sour Apple is perfect for those laid-back days when you simply want to unwind and alleviate stress. It boasts a flavor profile characterized by sweetness, apples, pears, and a hint of pepper. On the other hand, Animal Cookies delivers a substantial, full-body effect that can provide relief for severe pain and insomnia. Its flavor profile features notes of sweetness, earthiness, sourness, and a touch of pepper.


When I tried Apple Fritter, the first aroma I noticed was a sweet, lemony scent. The nugs had a dark green appearance and were covered in trichomes. Underneath the green, you could also see a dark purple hue. After breaking down Apple Fritter, I found it to be very dense. When I took a dry hit, I could taste hints of lemon and a touch of berries. The inhale after lighting up had a pine and gas-like flavor, with the exhale being less harsh. The effects slowly crept up on me, providing a very relaxing high. I found this strain to be excellent because it helped me stay focused without feeling down or experiencing intense Sativa effects.


In conclusion, Apple Fritter is an excellent choice; if you want to maintain focus during your activities. If you're interested in trying our Top Shelf Apple Fritter, please visit our store and ask our budtenders for assistance. They'll be more than happy to help you!




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