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5G Infused Cannagars

Hello, Spaced Cadets! In this blog, we will be reviewing our amazing 5G-Infused Cannagar! If you are unsure what a Cannagar is, keep reading and learn how this Cannagar can burn for an extended period!


This Infused Cannagar is wrapped in a lovely rose petal with a custom-blown glass tip. Now, I said this could burn forever, maybe not, but this one did last about an hour and a half between two people. There was about a gram or gram and half left. You could still see some of the cannagar with the custom-blown tip where you could keep smoking or take it out. There is a little trick when smoking them; you would want to puff on the Cannagar a couple of times and then take an inhale. The Cannagars give cannabis that elegant look. There is a hole that runs down the middle of the Cannagar, providing nice airflow when you are smoking them. 


The strain that was in the Cannagar was Loudmouth Grape. While inhaling, I got hints of a pine flavor and could taste the rose petal wrap! During exhale, you could taste a strong gas flavor that gives you a Cannagar experience. There was no strong flavor of the I tasted pine and rose flavors while inhaling with a gas-like exhale. The effect I got was a very focused and relaxed high. I really did not feel much drowsiness even after smoking nearly the whole thing, but everyone is different, so be cautious still.


Now, if you want to try one of these amazing Cannagars or even gift it to someone, come by the shop and get yours! We have infused and non-infused options as well. Our budtenders will be glad to help you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have tried one of our Cannagars, leave a review below with your thoughts! Merry Christmas from us at Spaced!

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