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420 Event Recap

Welcome Spaced Cadets! On 4/20, it was cold and windy, but you all made it worth it! We saw a bunch of Limited-Edition Spaced Hats and shirts! We are very grateful for that!! Keep following to see how our 420 Market went!


If you missed this year's 420 event, you do not want to miss next year! The weather was not on our side that day. It was cold and windy, but our amazing vendors and food truck stuck through till the end! We had El Tacos Picky food truck serving amazing food! We had vendor tables Tumblers Dreams, Silk, and a Spaced table! Silk gave out coupons for their High-Quality Disposables, along with Silk merch. The Spaced booth was also giving out coupons and our merch too.


Congratulations to our raffle winners! We raffled an ounce every hour and had six lucky winners, who were stoked to pick up their ounce! Our raffle winners got an ounce of their choice and a custom-spaced Cannabinoid Cup Bong! Thank you all for participating! Keep following us for future raffles!


Last year to this year, we tripled our family from day one! Our number one seller that day was our Spaced 2G disposables, which are amazing! We also had our partner’s Silk devices flying off the shelf. Of course, you could not beat $1 pre-rolls or $40-ounce shake! While we had amazing deals on our disposables, we also had half the store 42% off and the other half 30% off.  


Be ready for the next event! We are already planning for the next event! Keep following our socials on Instagram and Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter to get, our weekly deals that beat everyone around us! Should you have any inquiries regarding our products or promotions, our exceptional team is here to assist you! Thank you all again for being a part of the Spaced Family! Feel free to share any pictures or videos you have here, as we strive to expand our community together!

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