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2 Gram Gelato #33 Disposable

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome back, Spaced Cadets! We will discuss our best new seller disposables: the two-gram live resin disposable Gelato #33. This wonderful-tasting disposable is excellent to last! Keep reading to learn more about them and have you on the way to the store.

The two-gram disposable was made using the process of Hydrocarbon Extraction. This type of extraction is the safest and purest way to extract. The benefits of this extraction method are efficiency, safety, versatility, yield, and preservation. Those advantages make the extraction higher potency, less waste of cannabis product, does not damage flavor profiles, and safer.

Our Gelato #33 tastes great and gives off a very clean high where you do not feel sluggish. Gelato #33 is crossed with Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It is testing at 86.67% THC. The effects it can give are uplifting, relaxed, and focused. If you are having a tough day, you can try this strain to get you back and going to be focused yet relaxed. The benefits Gelato #33 has to offer are helping with stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. There is a good balance of effects and benefits that can help anyone if they are having trouble with certain conditions.

When I was reviewing the disposable, I noticed the oil looked dark orange and was very intrigued. After taking a small hit, I got a swift head high and felt uplifted and energetic throughout my high. I did have a very calm body high to accompany the head high. During inhale, I got a peppery flavor that would make me sneeze nearly every time; the exhale had a nice, sweet, citrusy undertone. The pulls to the device were a nice and easy pull. After getting a few more puffs, the high was enhanced and felt even greater, keeping me up or making me feel more creative. Another plus was that it would not get as clogged towards the end as others.

I enjoyed our latest product, a two-gram live resin disposable. The taste was great and unique, while the high was even better! Come by our store and try our Gelato #33 or Petrol Runtz Live Resin two gram disposable. Our amazing budtenders would be more than glad to help!


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