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Strawberry Banana 1:1 THC CBD Gummies

Welcome Spaced Cadets! The product we are trying is one of our new exclusive gummy Edibles! We now have Sativa Dominant 1:1 THC CBD gummies. We carry them in Strawberry Banana, Lemon Lime, and Pineapple. This one will be over the Strawberry Banana 1:1 THC CBD gummy, keep following to see how they feel, and can benefit you!


The Strawberry Banana gummies come in a 5-pack of 100mg. Each piece is 10mg THC and 10mg CBD. If you have not tried edibles the recommendation is always low and slow. Start with half a gummy and wait 30 minutes. If unsure with half a gummy, you could even quarter the gummy. Gummies can help people who have chronic pain in their body or even trouble sleeping. With the different cannabinoids in the gummies, they could hit different receptors to help with your needs. In this case, CBD is focused more on the gummies to help with pain relief and inflammation. It would give you a balanced high and not fully stoned. With these being Sativa dominant, you could expect a more uplifting high. You would still get the full body high because edibles work by traveling to your stomach and liver before getting to your bloodstream. 


Whenever I tried the Strawberry Banana Gummies, they had a nice flavor. You could taste the strawberry overpowering the banana, leaving a hint of banana as an aftertaste. The gummies were chewy and had a great consistency. I have a high tolerance for edibles, so I did not get a high. I did feel some pain relief in my shoulder that I had been having problems with, along with feeling a sense of calm at the beginning of the day. 


Overall, the Strawberry Banana 1:1 THC CBD gummies are good for taste and for pain relief. If you are not used to edibles, be cautious and start low and slow till you get the feeling you want. If you have any other questions about the gummies, our budtenders will gladly help! 





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