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Spaced 2G Disposables

Lab Results


Cannabis Oil, Pure Terpene Blend For (KOKO PUFFS) THC: 92% CBD: 0.40% CBG: 0.01%
Total Cannabinoids: 93%%
Lab Analytical Testing: Scepter labs
Manufacture date:5-15-2024
Expiration Date: 5-15-2025
Manufacture #:M220150
Vendor: Spaced Cannabinoid LLC
License Number MANU-2024-0060-PRM-0001
Pesticides Used By Cannabis Manufacturer: NONE USED
Solvent Used: 200 proof Ethanol
For Disposable remove any plug or cap. Inhale Desired amount for 3 seconds
Net Weight: 28.3 Grams

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